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5 Parts Of A Competitive Medical School Application

Some say “The hardest part about medical school is getting in.” Applying to medical school is an intimidating process. This article breaks down the 5 things that will make you a standout candidate with a competitive medical school application at any school. It was March 2012 when I began to outline my AMCAS personal statement. After dozens of essays, thousands of dollars, and months of ...

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Medical School Application Metrics

Off Target

Right now you are maybe starting to draft or redraft your personal statement, asking for letters of recommendation (or at least thinking about whom to ask), and coming up with your activities list. You have a lot to do, which makes it easy to defer making your school list. We recommend that you take some time to objectively look at ...

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Weekly Weigh-in: Studying for the MCAT2015 Exam

Welcome to PDr’s Weekly Weigh-in! Each week, we ask students and physicians to weigh in on some of our most frequently asked pre-med questions. This week’s question: Briefly describe your approach to studying for the MCAT. Based on the known changes in content and structure, how you would adjust your study regimen if you were taking the MCAT2015 Exam? Evan Shih, DGSOM ...

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MCAT Prep Advice from Kaplan Experts

The 2015 MCAT tests more topics, requires more preparation, and is scored out of 528 instead of 45. Many of our readers have asked a number of insightful questions about the MCAT and its changes. To offer the best answers regarding MCAT prep advice, we interviewed Kaplan Test Prep’s Eric Chiu, executive director of Kaplan’s pre-med programs, to get more ...

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You Can Major in Anything

If you are a freshman in college or have ever been a freshman in college, then you are probably aware of the relationship between “biology” and “pre-med.” Students who say their major is biology are most likely trying to head the “pre-med” route, or at least to some sort of a health field. Conversely, students who say their dream is ...

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Why Do I Have to Take Physics?


The premed track is notoriously onerous, requiring math, physics, general and organic chemistry, biology, and biochemistry, not to mention the additional required humanities courses. Won’t you be learning everything that you actually need in medical school? Do doctors actually use calculus or physics?

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What To Do During Gap Years Before Medical School


Time off between undergrad and medical school is a great opportunity for exploration and self-discovery as well as a chance to improve your candidacy for medical school. More and more, students are choosing to pursue career/research/volunteering interests before starting medical school, and admissions committees in turn are interested in learning about what you are up to during these so-called “gap” ...

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