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Stand out from other applicants by creating and sending a personalized Thank You letter.

Our Thank You Note Generator is designed to help differentiate you from other medical school applicants!

In the midst of a medical school interview, you’ll quickly realize how many talented applicants are competing for the same position as you. These same applicants may have done just as much volunteering, leadership, and clinical work as you, and possibly even more. So how do you stand out? By sending a thank you letter to your interviewer!

Sending a thank you note speaks volumes about your character plus interviewers will appreciate it dearly. A thank you note will also help form a better image of you as an applicant. According to How, When to Write a Medical School Interview Thank-You Note published by U.S. News, Dr. Kathleen Franco states that “In our school, we keep all handwritten or emailed thank-you notes in the student’s folder. When it comes time to vote for acceptance or to bring people from the waitlist into the admitted class, I guarantee you that we look at all the correspondence we have received from each applicant being considered.” From this statement, we can conclude that following up with a thank you note is extremely beneficial!

Complete the following information below to formulate your own personalized thank you note, which you can email directly to your interviewer.

Thank You Note Generator

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Use official name of the medical school and university, e.g. Weill Medical College at Cornell University
For Example "the research opportunities were a nice mix of what I'm interested in pursuing"
For Example "the new medical center, it's a very impressive building!"
For Example "my 95th percentile MCAT scores, my leadership skills as president of my class, and my three years of volunteering at the local animal shelter"
Where the thank you note can be sent.
E.g., "Dr. Mehta" if a doctor or "Ms. Mehta" if they are not a doctor.

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