Sam Smith

Sam Smith

Sam completed his Bachelors of Science in Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder. Following his graduation, he worked at the National Institutes of Health Vaccine Research Center studying HIV. Meanwhile, with a microphone in his garage, Sam founded the MCAT Basics podcast. The podcast has grown to become the top rated MCAT podcast on iTunes. In addition to podcasting, Sam enjoys the outdoors, sports, and his friends and family.
  • MCAT Basics PodcastPhoto of DNA Mutations and Repair

    DNA Mutations and Repair

    Sam reviews DNA mutations and DNA repair for the Bio/Biochem section of the MCAT. He outlines the causes and types of mutations and then dives into repair mechanisms. [02:10] Definition of DNA Mutation [02:40] Causes of DNA Mutation [12:00] How…

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  • MCAT Basics PodcastPhoto of Developing an MCAT Study Plan

    Developing an MCAT Study Plan

    Alex Starks joins Sam to talk about preparing for the MCAT. Alex is a very experienced tutor, having helped 400+ students in their test preparation. As a 99-percentile scorer, he shares his study tips and recommended resources for the MCAT.…

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  • MCAT Basics PodcastPhoto of Social Institutions

    Social Institutions

    Sam reviews social institutions for the Psych/Soc portion of the MCAT. He discusses the social institutions of: health and medicine, education, family, religion, and government. [01:43] Definition of a social institution [05:14] Health & Medicine [16:19] Education [25:26] Family [30:30]…

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  • MCAT Basics PodcastPhoto of Aromatic Compounds

    Aromatic Compounds

    Sam covers key information about aromatic compounds for the B/B and C/P portions of the MCAT. He covers the properties of aromatic compounds, how to differentiate between aromatic and antiaromatic compounds, and the common aromatic molecules that you need to…

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  • MCAT Basics PodcastPhoto of Aging


    Sam reviews aging concepts that show up on the MCAT. He covers aging at the cellular level, emphasizing the phenomena of telomere shortening and cell senescence. Then, he discusses aging in the brain and the Life Course Perspective, which are…

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  • MCAT Basics PodcastPhoto of Record A Message

    Record A Message

    Be featured in an upcoming episode! Just click the “start recording” button below, enter your name and email, and then start recording.   MCAT Basics Here is what Sam wants to know: What questions do you have about the MCAT?…

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  • MCAT Basics PodcastPhoto of Personality


    Sam breaks down personality in this podcast. He talks about different personality theories and how personality affects our behavior. He also breaks down personality disorders and the personality-related questions that could appear on the MCAT. [02:55] The Different Theories on…

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  • Pre-Med AcademicsPhoto of The Pre-Med Holiday Gift Guide

    The Pre-Med Holiday Gift Guide

    The Prospective Doctor 2020 Holiday Gift Guide is for the pre-med student in your life to make shopping for them personal, thoughtful and totally medical. Here’s one gift for each of the 12 days of Christmas, or however the future…

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  • MCAT Basics PodcastPhoto of Viruses


    Sam Smith covers the structure, life cycle, classification, and mutation of viruses. Including the life cycle and structure of bacteriophages and retroviruses. [01:17] Definition of a Virus [02:14] Virus Structure [11:15] Viral Life Cycle [18:02] Bacteriophage Life Cycles [21:41] Retrovirus…

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  • MCAT Basics PodcastPhoto of BONUS: Transitioning to Med School with Madhavi Murali

    BONUS: Transitioning to Med School with Madhavi Murali

    Madhavi Murali discusses transitioning to medical school, resources for studying, and how students can prepare for medical school and the Step 1 exam. [00:44] Madhavi’s Academic Background and the BA/MD Program [03:41] Things Madhavi Learned When Transitioning from BA to…

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