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MCAT 101: Everything You Need to Know About the MCAT

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Join Ken Tao, MedSchoolCoach’s world-renowned MCAT expert as he takes you through everything you ever needed to know about the MCAT, including:

  • Strategies for achieving a high score.
  • Go-to study tips for every section, including CARS.
  • How to identify the best MCAT resource for your goals.
  • How to structure your study time in order to achieve the highest possible score.

Presented by:

[avatar user=”[email protected]” size=”thumbnail” align=”left”]Ken Tao
Director of MCAT[/avatar] Ken is nationally recognized as a premier MCAT tutor and the MedSchoolCoach Director of MCAT Tutoring. He has helped thousands of students through the MCAT process.

[avatar user=”LauraTurner” size=”thumbnail” align=”left”]Laura Turner
Executive Director, HPSA[/avatar] Laura is the Executive Director for the Health Professional Student Association, which oversees The Student Doctor Network, a platform that provides free resources to help students on their educational journey.

[avatar user=”AlexStarks” size=”thumbnail” align=”left”]Alex Starks
Associate Director of MCAT[/avatar] Alex is a 99th-percentile professional MCAT tutor with a score of 522.

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