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University of Louisville School of Medicine Secondary Questions

Here are University of Louisville School of Medicine’s secondary questions.

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  1. Why are you choosing to apply to the University of Louisville School of Medicine? (500 characters)

  2. How well did your high school prepare you for college? (500 characters)

  3. What determined your choice of college(s)? (500 characters)

  4. How do you assess your college record? (500 characters)

  5. Please describe any circumstances adversely affecting your academic performance while in college. (500 characters)

  6. Describe your most significant personal accomplishments and/or experiences and how these may relate to your potential to contribute to the medical community. (500 characters)

  7. What has been your most significant contribution to your community, through service or volunteerism? What was its impact on the community and on you? (500 characters)

  8. How have your cultural experiences shaped the way you see yourself contributing to the medical field and strengthened your ability to provide equitable care for a diverse patient population? (500 characters)

  9. List and describe any additional experiences, interests, hobbies, or skills not included in other areas of your application or that you have completed since submitting your AMCAS application. (500 characters)

  10. How has the pandemic affected the way you view the healthcare system and/or see yourself contributing to the medical field? (1000 characters)

  11. Discuss briefly why you have decided to pursue medicine and how your personal characteristics align with those you believe are most needed by physicians. (500 characters)

  12. Practice after residency: How do you see yourself practicing medicine after residency training? (Please include choice of medical practice and location). (500 characters)

  13. Optional: If you are a reapplicant, what has changed from your previous application or your approach to this year’s admissions cycle? (250 characters)

  14. If you are not a Kentucky resident, please explain any personal or familial ties to the Commonwealth of Kentucky. If you are a Kentucky resident type “Not Applicable” in the text box below. (500 characters)

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