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Study Tips Interview on the Pre-PA Podcast with Savanna Perry

Savanna Perry of the Pre-PA Podcast interviews Chase DiMarco about his personal struggles in medical school.

I want to thank Savanna for having me on the show! Here’s a brief snippet from the interview I conducted on the Pre-PA Podcast from The PA Platform. If you would like to listen to the full episode, learn about my personal struggles in medical school, and show your support you can enjoy the entire episode. Please let Savanna know if you find this information useful and maybe we can work on scheduling a future episode with greater details.

For the full episode, see the Pre-PA Podcast.

Chase DiMarco

Chase DiMarco is an MS, MBA-HA and MD/Ph.D-candidate. He is the founder of MedEd University, a free medical education resource, the host of the Medical Mnemonist & Rounds to Residency podcasts creator of several medical education platforms, and CEO of FindARotation clinical rotations service.

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