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How to Become a Medical Superlearner with Jonathan Levi Recap

Jonathan Levi discusses productivity and learning skills development and will help you on your journey to becoming a Medical Superlearner.

On Episode 42, Jonathan Levi is a serial entrepreneur, published author, and podcaster born and raised in Silicon Valley. He has discussed productivity and learning skills development in his TedX talk, numerous courses on Udemy, and through the SuperHuman Academy Podcast. Today, Jonathan is going to help all of us in our journey to becoming a Medical Superlearner.


3:16 What is a “Superlearner” and How Do We Become One?

6:25 Where Should Students Begin On Their Path To Becoming A Superlearner?

12:53 Systems Learning vs Methods Learning in Medicine and Memory & How Far Down the Rabbit Hole Must We Go?

21:00 Where Can Students Begin Their Path to Becoming a Medical Superlearner?

26:55 Using Spaced-Repetition and Rehearsal Practice as a Medical Superlearner.

32:38 Are These Obstacles Getting in the Way of Your Studying?

Chase DiMarco

Chase DiMarco is an MS, MBA-HA and MD/Ph.D-candidate. He is the founder of MedEd University, a free medical education resource, the host of the Medical Mnemonist & Rounds to Residency podcasts creator of several medical education platforms, and CEO of FindARotation clinical rotations service.

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