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Medical School Applicant Summer Plans- Secondaries and Interviews

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What is the best way to spend your summer after applying to medical school? Join this team of experts as they walk you through how to maximize your time. In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to prepare for secondary applications.
  • What to showcase when preparing your secondaries.
  • Interview dos and don’ts.
  • The different types of interviews, and how to prepare.

Presented by:

Dr. Renee Marinelli, MD
Director of Advising
Dr. Marinelli has practiced family medicine, served on the University of California Admissions Committee, and has helped hundreds of students get into medical school. She spearheads a team of physician advisors who guide MedSchoolCoach students.

Dr. Ziggy Yoediono, MD
Master Advisor
Dr. Yoediono was a Duke University pre-major advisor, and an adcom member for Duke University School of Medicine, the University of Rochester School of Medicine and the Harvard Longwood Psychiatry Residency Program.

Dr. Steven Eilers, MD
Dr. Eilers has enjoyed working with over 150 prospective and current applicants.  He is fortunate to have had excellent advice and preparation applying to medical school and wants to pay it forward.

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Working together to help you achieve your medical school dreams. MedSchoolCoach provides pre-med and medical school admissions consulting services, MCAT and USMLE/COMLEX tutoring, and unique experiences that help students become physicians.
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