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Central Michigan University College of Medicine Secondary

Here are Central Michigan University College’s secondary questions.


All have a 500 word limit:
1. Tell us about a time when you have been an outsider and felt uncomfortable

2. What are two essential skills needed for success in medical school?

3. [REAPP ONLY]: If you have applied to any medical school in previous cycles, what have you done since your last application to prepare yourself for a career in medicine? If you have not applied to medical school previously, write “N/A” in the box.

Good luck to everyone applying!


Please tell us why you are interested in attending the CMU College of Medicine? (maximum 250 words)

What is the value of giving back to your community as a physician? Is the role of a physician more important than others in the community? (maximum 250 words)

Describe an experience in which you collaborated, worked or were exposed to diverse backgrounds, different from your own. Please describe the impact the experience had on you. (maximum 500 words)

Tell us one thing about yourself that would help the Admissions Committee determine if you should be admitted to our program. (maximum 250 words)

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