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Becoming a doctor is no easy task. It takes high levels of motivation and an enormous dedication to hard work, studying, and character-building. This is rightfully so; nobody wants a improperly trained physicians who cannot help and/or connect with patients. People who have earned the title of “Dr.” need to be able to provide great healthcare to a society who depend on it.

Doctors do life-changing work. Therefore, many students dream about becoming one. However, it is common for students to get discouraged in what seems like a long, difficult and complicated educational process filled with meaningless jargon. To encourage students to pursue an amazing career in medicine, ProspectiveDoctor has organized a series of in-depth instructions, related articles, and editorials to help students know what they are getting themselves into.

1. The first and most basic tool from ProspectiveDoctor is How to Become a Doctor. It is a simplified step by step tool that allows students to get a basic overview of journey to becoming a doctor.

2. To learn about each step, ProspectiveDoctor has also provided the Prospective Path. Prospective Path is a compilation of articles and instructions related to the different stages of becoming a doctor. For example, if you are a high schooler and you are wondering how you should prepare yourself to become a doctor, you should read the High School section of Prospective Path. If you are a college underclassmen and are wondering what steps you should take next, read the Freshman and Sophomore Year section of Prospective Path. Other sections include, Applying Next Year, Applying This Year, Gap Year, and Medical School. This is one of ProspectiveDoctor‘s key resources.

3. As curious premedical and medical students, we are sure you have plenty of questions about what it takes to get into medical school, what medical school is like, and medicine in general. To answer these questions, ProspectiveDoctor has an extensive Frequently Asked Questions page. Please contact us at [email protected] if there are questions that you have but are not answered on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Our goal is to become the most useful and personal site for all people who have hopes of becoming a physician. This includes a people in all stages of their lives: high schoolers, medical students, and even those in other professions, looking to switch to a career in medicine.

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