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Here are University of Texas at Austin’s secondary questions.


The secondary portion of Dell Med’s application this year will be a video secondary, with students getting online with a webcam and answering 3 questions with 2 minutes each to record an answer.

From their web page:
Invitation to Submit Secondary Application
In an effort to give a greater number of applicants the opportunity to present themselves to the selection committee in their own voice, Dell Medical School utilizes a unique video secondary application. Applicants selected for the Full Review will be sent an invitation to complete the video secondary application. This invitation e-mail will include a link to the application portal, as well as instruction on how to prepare for the interview. There is no fee for completing the video secondary which consists of 3 short questions. Candidates will have two minutes to record their responses to each question. These questions address specific attributes related to the mission of Dell Medical School and give the candidate an opportunity to highlight how they feel their experiences complement this mission.

The priority deadline for completion of the video secondary is November 15th. The Full Review will not be initiated until the video secondary is complete and all information including transcripts, evaluation letters, and MCAT scores are submitted to TMDSAS. Candidates who feel that they would be better represented in a written format, will be given the opportunity to request a written version of the secondary application.

Good luck to everyone applying!


Please give examples that indicate your ability to function effectively, as a productive member of a team working towards a common objective. Discuss your role and contribution to those teams. (4000 characters)

Please give examples that indicate your active engagement in your community. (4000 characters)

Please give examples that indicate your ability to creatively solve problems for the betterment of others. (4000 characters)

Please give examples that indicate your ability to overcome adverse situations. (4000 characters)

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