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Tufts University School of Medicine Secondary Questions

Here are Tufts University School of Medicine’s secondary questions.

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1. Do you wish to include any comments (in addition to those already provided in your AMCAS application) to the Admissions Committee at Tufts University School of Medicine? Please explain briefly. (1000 characters)

2. Please briefly describe your plans for the coming year. Include in this explanation if you will be a student, working, conducting research, volunteering, etc. (1000 characters)

3. How might you contribute to the diversity of the student body of Tufts University School of Medicine? Please explain briefly. (1000 characters)

4. Given how the COVID-19 pandemic has altered the world these past few years, please contextualize how your experiences have been affected which might include your personal, professional and educational journey. (1000 characters)

5. Do you have any withdrawals or repeated coursework listed on your transcript(s)? Please explain briefly. (1000 characters)

6. Did you take any leaves of absence or significant breaks from your undergraduate education? (Do not include time off after graduation.) Please explain briefly. (1000 characters)

7. We understand that many applicants encounter academic hardships along the way. Please comment on any academic difficulties that you have encountered since completing high school (grades and MCAT scores) and that you believe might adversely affect your likelihood of medical school acceptance. We believe that such difficulties offer an opportunity for growth and would appreciate learning how your experiences have affected your approach to academics. If you have not encountered any difficulties, you may answer ‘No’. (1000 characters)

8. Have you ever been convicted of, or pleaded guilty or no contest to, a Misdemeanor crime, excluding 1) any offense for which you were adjudicated as a juvenile 2) any convictions which have been expunged or sealed by a court, or 3) any misdemeanor convictions for which any probation has been completed and the case dismissed by the court (in states where applicable)? (1000 characters)

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