The Benefits of Studying With a New MCAT Podcast Audio Experience

As you prepare to take the MCAT, you’re faced with learning, retaining, and understanding an enormous amount of complex scientific information. Most experts and MCAT tutoring professionals recommend you spend anywhere from 300-1,000 hours studying for your exam, depending on your level of preparedness. In addition to official study resources from the AAMC, you will have countless other prep materials and methods at your disposal. The new audio course, MCAT Go from MedSchoolCoach, provides a complementary learning experience that is informative, vivid, concise, and memorable. 

Why an MCAT Podcast Works so Well When Studying

The main advantage of an MCAT podcast is that you can study from anywhere. Unlike watching videos and reading books, you can listen to an MCAT podcast while driving, hiking, exercising, or during any other activity! 

With an MCAT podcast, you can go at your own pace. You can pause, rewind, fast forward, and re-listen to any lessons as needed. This gives you the opportunity to absorb the material on your own time, without having to immediately react or engage with it. By going at your own pace, you’re able to note what you need to come back to and organize lessons into custom playlists to listen to later — all without having to be in front of a computer. 

While many students try to listen to their study videos or look for resources on MCAT Reddit threads, many of the resources are designed with visuals in mind, so just listening is often confusing and unhelpful. MCAT podcasts are crafted specifically for audio, making them the perfect supplement to your other MCAT prep materials. 

Further, countless studies on auditory learning have concluded that adding audio content – like podcasts – improves engagement and performance. A 2017 review of 84 peer-reviewed studies found high levels of engagement (feasibility and acceptance) with podcast-based medical learning, and more than 80% of studies (9 out of 11) that measured educational outcomes found that the integration of podcast-based learning into medical education led to improvements.

MCAT Go Audio Learning Experience by Sam Smith

Created by renowned MCAT podcaster, Sam Smith, the new MCAT Go audio learning experience takes MCAT podcasts to a whole new level. It’s a truly unique solution that hasn’t been reimagined since a popular set of MCAT prep CDs came out in the 90s. 

After taking his own MCAT, Smith realized how much more effective studying could be if he hadn’t been tied to his computer all the time. His current podcast, MCAT Basics has more than 1,000,000 downloads and can be accessed from the ProspectiveDoctor website or via your favorite podcast platform. 

In conjunction with MedSchoolCoach, Smith created the MCAT Go tool to help students optimize their studying by following our expert MCAT team’s recommended order of lessons. This ensures you cover all of the main topics on the AAMC outline—at the right time. Built as a convenient web-app, MCAT Go allows you to listen from any device, anywhere, any time. It contains more than 35 hours of content, 450 Science Chapters based on the AAMC curriculum, and 1,000+ questions to test your content mastery.

While the content is loaded in a carefully structured order, you can also create custom playlists and skip around to the lessons you struggled with on your last practice exam. You also have access to exclusive playlists designed by MedSchoolCoach’s top content experts.

For students already familiar with Smith’s MCAT Basics podcast, you’ll be happy to know there is no repeat content on MCAT Go. The high-yield, memorable content is totally unique and developed and recorded in a way that keeps listeners interested and engaged. A quiz at the end of each lesson helps with recollection and retention and can be completed on-the-go or from your computer. 

MCAT Go - The most convinient way to score higher on the MCAT

Best of all, MCAT Go is subscription-based. It’s more affordable than one-on-one tutoring and many other test prep solutions, making it the ideal supplement to your other study materials. 

Ready to check out MCAT Go? You can try it free now


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