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Florida Atlantic University Schmidt College of Medicine Secondary Questions

Here are Florida Atlantic University Schmidt College of Medicine’s secondary questions.

Secondary Essay Editing

2013 – 2014

Select an experience unrelated to science or medicine that you’’ve had in each of the categories below. Just name the experience and then write a very brief statement about why you did the experience and/or what was the most important thing(s) you learned about yourself from doing it. You may write about a new experience or one listed in your AMCAS application. An experience may be used more than once. Leaving categories blank will not make your application incomplete. Limit your answers to the spaces provided.

A community service experience (unrelated to science or patient care). (1200 char)

An employment experience (a job you held for pay unrelated to science or medicine). (1200 char)

A position of responsibility/authority (in which others depended on you for direction). (1200 char)

A creative endeavor (anything that required you to be creative in your approach, e.g. art, dance, music, computer programming, web site design, writing). (1200 char)

A situation in which you interacted with individuals who were different from you. (1200 char)

Sports, travel, pets, hobbies: Choose one of the following and write about it as you did in 1-5 above: a) a sport in which you participate or follow); b) your most memorable travel experience; c) pet(s) for which you provided care; or d) an avocation (most important thing you do for distraction). (1200 char)

Describe any compelling humanitarian reason you have to attend our College of Medicine. (1200 char)


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