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University of Maryland School of Medicine Secondary Questions

Here are the University of Maryland School of Medicine’s secondary questions.

Secondary Essay Editing


1. If you’ve experienced academic problems while in college and/or graduate or professional school please describe and explain below. Please be sure to include withdrawals, incompletes, poor grades, etc. (1000 characters)

2. If a specific medical school application activity was impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak, please describe the activity, the time period during which it was to take place, and any relevant contact information. (1000 characters)

3. Please explain what you will be doing during the 2022-2023 academic year. If you graduated/will graduate in 2022, what are your plans during this gap year? (1000 characters)

4. Please let us know if you have a specific reason you are interested in attending the University of Maryland School of Medicine, and/or if you have any special ties to our institution (optional). (1000 characters)

5. Briefly describe your most important exposure to clinical medicine. (1500 characters)

6. Briefly describe your most satisfying experience related to community service. (1500 characters)

7. Without limiting the discussion to your own identity, please describe how you envision contributing to the core values of diversity and inclusion at our School of Medicine, and in the medical profession. (1500 characters)

8. What does it mean to you to enter into a profession? (1500 characters)

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