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Louisiana State School of Medicine in New Orleans Secondary Questions

Here are Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans’s secondary questions.

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Note: LSU uses forms for most of its secondary as opposed to essays. The following are the 2 optional prompts:

11. (Optional) Disadvantaged scholarship information letter specifying disadvantage & copy of parent’s federal income tax return)

12. (Optional) Supplemental essay – 500 to 600 words of your values.


  1. If you wish, you may attach an essay of reasonable length (500-600 words) using the prompt “your values”.  THIS IS  AN OPTIONAL ESSAY.

Secondary prompts for those interested in the Primary Cares Program and the Rural Scholars Track

  1. Please provide specific information about your immediate and extended family that live in rural or underserved communities in Louisiana. (i.e., relationship, community, occupation, etc.)
  2. List all extracurricular activities during college, e.g., volunteer work, clubs, etc. Please indicate the duration and nature of your participation.
  3. Describe your involvement in your home community prior to and since attending college, e.g., community groups, activities, or volunteer efforts, etc. (Please indicate your length of time of involvement)
  4. What other career possibilities have you considered?
  5. Describe your personal experiences and knowledge of rural and/or community life.
  6. Based on your own personal experience, observations and insights, describe the roles and responsibilities of a rural or primary care physician.
  7. Why do you feel you are a suitable candidate for the Rural Scholar Track (RST), and/or the Patrick F. Taylor Primary Care Scholar Program (PFT)?
  8. What medical specialty possibilities have you considered?
  9. List your hobbies and interests.
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