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Premed Success and Med School Applications

In this episode, Dr. Erkeda DeRouen speaks with Dr. Emil Chuck about navigating the medical school admissions process. Dr. Chuck is the Director of Advising Services at the Health Professional Student Association and Editorial Board Member of the Student Doctor Network and is an invaluable resource when navigating this changing process.

They sit down to discuss how he and his organization provide aspiring health professionals the insights they need to navigate the intricate pathways of healthcare education and practice.

With his background in cell biology and extensive experience in healthcare and academic realms, Dr. Chuck highlights the ever-evolving landscape of medical school admissions, the intricacies of situational judgment tests (SJTs), like Casper and AAMC’s new assessment tools, and the crucial role of mentorship and networking in building a successful medical career.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Understanding the Admissions Landscape:  Dr. Chuck offers valuable perspectives on how a research background can significantly influence your medical school application process, while also emphasizing the critical need for self-awareness about your motivations and potential impact in healthcare.

  • Strong Networks Are Crucial: Both Dr. Chuck and our host, Dr. Erkeda DeRouen, discussed the importance of building robust support systems through mentorship and organizations. These networks can be vital in your journey toward a successful career in medicine.

  • Navigating SJTs: Dr. Chuck sheds light on the relatively new situational judgment tests, including the Casper and AAMC’s preview exam, highlighting the evolving challenges and the importance of staying informed about their use in medical program selections.


Jump into the Conversation:

[00:00] Introduction to The Prospective Doctor

[01:13] Introduction to Dr. Emil Chuck

[02:44] About the Student Doctor Network and HPSA

[04:57] How waitlists are managed

[06:25] The evolution of the admissions process

[08:41] Figuring out your why

[10:30] Advice on finding mentors and champions

[16:41] Situational Judgement Tests

[26:01] Connecting with Dr. Chuck and the HPSA



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Erkeda DeRouen

Dr. Erkeda DeRouen is a graduate of Hampton University with a B.S. in Biological Sciences, followed by completing medical school at the Boston University School of Medicine. She then completed residency at The University of Maryland Family and Community Medicine Program. After that, she worked at an underserved community health center, and currently is an Associate Medical Director of a telemedicine company. She recently became one of the first 1,000 lifestyle medicine certified physicians in the world! Her areas of interest include: health equity and eliminating health disparities, service of underserved populations, HIV management, transgender care, mentorship, and lifestyle medicine.

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