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Podcast 59: Top Five Med School Interview Mistakes

Interviews are a great part of the application process. An interview indicates that a school likes you on paper, and now they want to meet you to see if you are personable. There are really common mistakes that applicants make during their interviews, and today, Dr. Renee Marinelli covers the top five.

[1:34] #1: Being unprepared.

There are tons of ways to prepare. The best place to start is to read about medical school interviews, which you can do on the Prospective Doctor website. Another great way to prepare is to do mock interviews.

[3:23] #2: Acting unprofessional.

Professionalism is inherent in medicine. In the interview, you need to be professional in the way you dress and the way you talk to people. It’s okay to let the interview become conversational and have some fun with it, but always remain professional.

[5:19] #3: Being late.

This is a huge mistake to make. Schools interview upwards of twenty candidates per day, all expected to be there at the same specific time. Imagine that you’re the one that walks in ten minutes late. That won’t be the entrance that you’re looking to make.

[7:04] #4: Not seeming totally interested.

The interview day consists of more than just the interviews. There are often tours, meeting upperclassmen, etc. It’s important to always seem interested and eager to learn.

[9:02] #5: Acting overconfident.

Whoever is interviewing you likely has more experience in medicine. Don’t act like you know everything; remember to be humble in your experiences and education. Make sure that you demonstrate these, but do it in the correct way.

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