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Podcast 46: TMDSAS: Texas Medical & Dental School Application Service

Today, Dr. Benjamin Robison discusses the TMDSAS, which is the Texas Medical and Dental Schools Application Service. There are some subtle differences between this application and the AMCAS.

[0:50] What is the TMDSAS?

The Texas Medical and Dental Schools Application Service applies to schools in Texas other than Baylor. Examples of schools that require TMDSAS are UT Southwestern, Texas A&M, UT Austin, Texas Tech, and UT Galveston.

[1:20] This application opened on May 1st.

It will remain open until October 1st. You can submit this application any point after May 1st. As soon as you make this application, you are immediately given the secondary questions to answer.

[2:05] Other differences with TMDSAS.

The section titled “Work Activities” only gives you 300 characters per activity, which is quite short. As recommended with AMCAS, keep the work activity writings very brief. A written-out resume is what you are aiming for. You can also write incomplete sentences if you need to.

The personal essay is 2500 characters, which is shorter than the AMCAS. Write the longer essay first, then shorten it for TMDSAS. The core concept behind the pieces is the same for each.

TMDSAS has two additional essays: personal characteristics and optional. It would be an indication of your lack of seriousness if you opted out of the extra essay.

TMDSAS allows you to use an MCAT score from the past five years. AMCAS only allows scores from the past three years.

[5:35] TMDSAS requires three letters of recommendation or one committee letter.

Even though you can submit on May 1st and you are still in school, it will not be complete until you have submitted your spring grades. For those of you wanting expertise and advice, please visit us at

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