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Podcast 86: The Complete Guide to the AMCAS Application

Join Dr. Marinelli as she details what the AMCAS application entails so that you can be ready for its opening and submit it promptly!

[0:53] The application.

Dr. Marinelli is going to provide most of the basics for the application and how to complete it. However, the AMC provides a great instruction manual which pretty much can answer every single question, so please feel free to download that as a guide to this podcast and to accompany you as you complete the AMCAS application.

[3:00] Schools attended.

First, you start with high school. Colleges can be a little bit trickier, and some people ask a lot of questions about which colleges they need to include here and which colleges they need to get transcripts from. Basically, any college you have ever taken a course from should be included.

[10:13] Disadvantaged status.

This is completely up to you, and if you choose to identify as disadvantaged, it does provide you with some definitions of disadvantaged. If you select yes, then you’re given another 1300 characters or so to talk about why you feel disadvantaged.

[10:40] Coursework.

Coursework is definitely a time-consuming section and you want to make sure that you take your time on here and be very meticulous when entering the courses. You have to enter every course that you’ve ever taken; this includes college/university level as well as AP courses.

[13:18] Work and activities.

You need to start with classifying your experience type. This is pretty straightforward. If it was shadowing, put it under physician shadowing. If it was research, put it under research or lab. There are some crossovers between different experiences. For example, community service volunteer experience might also be leadership experience.

[19:04] Standardized test.

If you’ve taken your MCAT, the MCAT score will show up on there already. You do not need to enter information on your own. If you have an upcoming MCAT test date, you’d enter it on the application so medical schools know if you are intending to take another test.

The full AMCAS instruction manual can be found here:

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