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Podcast 75: Must Knows for Medical School Interviews

The interview is a crucial part of the medical school application process and preparation is essential! Join Dr. Marinelli as she covers the basics for the medical school interview and what you need to know!

[0:59] Getting the invite.

It’s important to respond to the interview invite immediately. It’s also important to agree to interview on one of the dates that have been offered to you. Dr. Marinelli doesn’t recommend asking for an alternative date unless there are very extenuating circumstances.

[2:26] Figuring out what the interview day is like at that school.

There are two types of interviews: traditional and multiple mini interview (MMI). About 50% of med schools use MMI, and the other 50% use traditional or a combination of both.

A traditional interview typically consists of an interview with a faculty member and then an interview with a current student.

An MMI interview typically consists of six-to-ten stations where you are given a short prompt that begins a scenario. They usually revolve around some sort of ethical situation or dilemma.

[7:44] Following the interview.

Within a few days of going home, Dr. Marinelli recommends sending thank you letters to the interviewers if you had a traditional interview. For MMI, you can send a general thank you letter to the admissions committee. In both cases, you should express your desire to attend their medical school.

Interviews can be nerve-wracking, but they are also an exciting part of the med school journey. Remember that when you get offered an interview, the medical school already likes you on paper.

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