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Podcast 56: Social Media as a Med School Applicant

Today Dr. Marinelli is taking a few minutes to talk about social media as a medical school applicant. There are so many things to look at during interview season, often causing social media to be overlooked.

[2:46] Why admissions committees care about social media.

Doctors are held to a higher professional standard versus other members of society. Anything that can compromise that professionalism can compromise the medical profession as a whole.

[4:08] Unprofessional content.

Anything pertaining to patients should not be posted on social media. You can easily search out stories of healthcare professionals who have gotten in serious trouble when they’ve posted patient-related information. Even if it doesn’t include any identifying information, do not post it.

Avoid posting what could be viewed as unprofessional behavior. This could include pictures of you drinking or partying. It’s just best to not have this type of stuff out there.

[6:22] Tips for social media usage.

Keep your accounts private as much as possible but remember some things can always be viewed publicly. For example, if you comment on a friend’s profile, people can see your comment if your friend’s profile isn’t private. It’s okay to connect with people on social media, but remember that this allows them to see your complete history.

Make sure your content is always professional. Remember, your professional life as a physician doesn’t start when you’re a doctor, it starts now. Take a few minutes to look at your socials and take care of what needs to be modified. Social media can be a very helpful tool.

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