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Podcast 72: The Interview Waiting Game

Dr. Renee Marinelli wants to talk today about applicants that don’t have any acceptances at this point in the application cycle. Heading into winter, you may be looking at people posting online about their acceptances and interview offers. It can be very nerve-wracking if you don’t have any yourself.

[2:28] What happens after you submit your secondaries.

Schools will sit down and review the thousands of applications they received. There is some screening done, but in Dr. Marinelli’s experience, most schools will review every application.

Some schools take longer than others to offer interview invites. It’s largely based on how competitive your application is and how early you apply, but luck plays a role as well. This is why you should put yourself in the best position possible when applying.

[7:39] What to do if you don’t have an interview yet.

Don’t worry too much. There is still plenty of time to get an invite. Dr. Marinelli says that most schools extend interviews into April or May, with some even going into June.

One thing you can do during this time is write a letter of interest if you haven’t done so already. Another thing you can do is keep working on your extracurricular activities. You can also think about any weaknesses in your application – now is a good time to address them.

[12:44] Conclusion.

Every year, Dr. Marinelli sees people without interviews in the fall start to get them as spring approaches. Hang in there and focus on developing your strengths more if you need to. Remember that even if you have to re-apply, lots of people have to do that and it doesn’t mean that you won’t get in.

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