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Switching Residencies to Fulfill Your Passion with Dr. Nishi Bhopal

“It’s important to tune into yourself and really figure out what is it that you want. Being open to the possibilities and proactive about your career can lead you to unexpected and fulfilling paths.” Dr. Nishi Bhopal, a Board Certified Integrative Psychiatrist and Sleep Physician, delves into the diverse and often unexpected paths that a medical career can take with host, Dr. Erkeda DeRouen.

Dr. Nishi Bhopal shares her personal journey, detailing her transition from internal medicine to psychiatry, and the internal and external obstacles she faced along the way. Dr. Bhopal’s story is a testament to the importance of staying true to one’s interests and instincts despite the pressures and expectations of the medical profession.

This episode focuses on the broader aspects of medical careers, including the integration of holistic and integrative medicine into practice, the role of telehealth, and the exciting possibilities that lie in medical entrepreneurship and education through digital platforms.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Strategies for switching residencies during and after match
  • The importance of resilience in the face of professional challenges, such as confronting the stereotypes within medical fields
  • Why a significant paradigm shift from acute care to a more preventative approach in healthcare is needed

Jump into the Conversation:

[00:00] Introduction to The Prospective Doctor

[01:24] Meet Dr. Nishi Bhopal 

[02:09] The Big Switch: Internal Medicine to Psychiatry

[03:34] The Importance of  an Open Mind

[05:09] Obstacles on the Path Forward

[08:48] Exploring New Horizons in Medicine

[11:31] The Value of Knowing Yourself

[14:35] Integrating Holistic Medicine into Practice 

[20:08] Cultural Differences in Healthcare

[23:26] Connecting with Dr. Bhopal


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Erkeda DeRouen

Dr. Erkeda DeRouen is a graduate of Hampton University with a B.S. in Biological Sciences, followed by completing medical school at the Boston University School of Medicine. She then completed residency at The University of Maryland Family and Community Medicine Program. After that, she worked at an underserved community health center, and currently is an Associate Medical Director of a telemedicine company. She recently became one of the first 1,000 lifestyle medicine certified physicians in the world! Her areas of interest include: health equity and eliminating health disparities, service of underserved populations, HIV management, transgender care, mentorship, and lifestyle medicine.

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