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Michigan State University College of Human Medicine Secondary Questions

Here are Michigan State’s University College of Human Medicine’s secondary questions.

Secondary Essay Editing


  1. Imagine and reflect upon your life and medical career at the time of retirement. What do you envision being your proudest/most significant accomplishment? (500 words)

  2. American society may be experiencing a watershed moment as it reckons with various systemic injustices. Use the space below to share your thoughts about this statement. (500 words)

  3. Use the space below to reflect upon your COVID-19 public health crisis experiences, challenges, and/or insights. (500 words)

  4. In the most general sense, create a list of ten (or more) words or phrases you might use to describe or characterize yourself to someone you just met. From this list of words or phrases, are any associated with your decision to pursue medicine as a career? If yes, select up to 3 and explain. If no, explain. (500 words)

  5. If you could present yourself to the Admissions Committee, what would you want to make sure they knew about you? (500 words)

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