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Excelling Beyond SAT and ACT Scores to Get Accepted into a Direct Med BS/MD Program

Scoring well on ACT and SAT exams is critical for high school students seeking to get accepted into a BS/MD program. Here are other tips that can also help

There are several minimal requirements necessary to apply and secure admission into a direct medical BD/MD program. Scoring well on the ACT or SAT is a key component to admission and in this blog, what these programs are, scores required for admission, the competitiveness of these programs, as well as other tips for admission into a BS/MD program will be discussed.

What is a BS/MD program?

BS/MD programs give high school students the opportunity to get accepted into an undergraduate university, complete their degree, and proceed directly into medical school without having to apply again. Most of these programs take around seven to eight years to complete overall, consisting of three to four years of undergrad followed by four years of medical school. Once completed, the student will have both Bachelor of Science and a Doctor of Medicine degrees.

There are pros and cons of these programs that are important to consider before applying.

On the positive side, you save a lot of time and stress in the medical school application process by only having to go through the exercise once. Plus, you’re entering into a more personalized learning environment when gaining admission to these programs.

Some negative side, students must make a serios commitment to their career at a young age – even though their priorities and interest may shift over time. Plus, the streamlined structure of the program makes the coursework extremely intensive each semester.

Once you’ve made the choice to commit to attempting to get into a BS/MD program, you may be wondering how much your performance in high school matters. The answer? A lot.

Test Scores and GPA Matter for BS/MD Programs

Most BS/MD programs accept between 1-5% of applicants. It’s that hard. Many medical schools have a minimum GPA, standardized test requirements, and class rank minimums, but admission requires that the BS/MD student exceeds these requirements by a larger margin.

On average, students are anything but average. Those admitted to a BS/MD program typically have a 3.8 unweighted GPA, at least a 1500 on the SAT or a 34 composite ACT score, all while falling within the top 5% to 10% of their high school graduating class.

Another important component for BS/MD admission is the  high school transcript. Admissions committee members look favorably upon students who took the most rigorous science and math classes offered at their schools while maintaining as close to a 4.0 GPA as possible.

Since All Candidates Are Exceptional, Here Is How You Can Stand Out

Students are more than just a grade or a score. This is why BD/MD admission committees look for students who excel outside of the classroom. They want well-rounded students who show commitment to extracurriculars. This signals to admissions committees that they are willing to do more than what is required and are passionate about something other than school.

Some ideal extracurricular activities to consider include volunteering at a hospital, engaging in healthcare research, or shadowing a doctor to make passion for medicine clear on the student’s resume. Regardless of which extracurriculars are chosen, it is vital to stay committed to them as they are what differentiate candidates – especially since they all have similar grades and test scores.

Make Your Personal Statement Matter

On the actual application, a standout personal statement is important to further differentiate r applicants. This statement should explain your s passion for medicine, where this passion stemmed from, and why this is your chosen career path Thoughtful and interesting answers are essential for admissions committees to move forward with applications.

Own Your Interview

The last step, much like when applying to any college is the interview process, however what’s not typical with BS/MD programs is that schools only typically interview around 10% of applicants.  Obviously, performing well in the interview has a huge pull on whether admission is granted, making preparation before the interview essential. In order to prepare, students should work with experts who’ve not only excelled at this process on their own, but with those who’ve served on committees. At MedSchoolCoach, their physician advisors have interviewed thousands of medical school candidates and have served on admissions committees. That means they know what it takes to stand out and can provide invaluable coaching and feedback for these nerve-wracking interviews.

Score Amazingly on Either the SAT or ACT Exam

With so many essential factors to consider, it may be a relief to know that taking one test over the other does not matter for the perspective of admissions. However, it is important that students do as well as possible on whatever test they choose to take so careful consideration is necessary.

The best way to decide which test to take, is by attempting timed, full-length practice tests of both. Since the content on each test is very similar, scoring better will come down to how students handle time pressures and what kind of questions they find more challenging. Whichever they score better in and feel more comfortable with is the one that should be taken for real. Students can also prepare by doing research through SAT test prep blogs or even by studying with a professional online SAT prep tutor for added confidence! Typically, no matter which r test is chosen, it should be taken for the first time in the fall of junior year so that there’s  time to retake the test in the spring if necessary, before having to apply to BS/MD programs during senior year.

Act Toward Becoming a BS/MD Candidate and Future Physician

As it becomes more and more competitive to get into medical schools, many applicants are looking for ways to secure their future career as a doctor.

Entry into these programs is competitive and good standardized test scores and GPAs are just the beginning. If you are looking for help with 1-on-1 SAT and ACT tutoring, a high school exam prep company like SoFlo tutors can help.

Once your grades and SAT and ACT scores are where they need to be, MedSchoolCoach coaching can help you to get into a competitive direct medical (BS/MD) or pre-med program.

Don’t forget that students need to demonstrate their passion for medicine and the ability to go above what is required through their extracurricular activities, class schedule, and college essays.

Grace Patrice

Grace Patrice comes from the University of Pennsylvania, scored a 1480 on the SAT, and was a Division 1 swimmer. At SoFlo Tutors, Grace specializes in working with hard-working athletes who are aiming to boost their scores so they can qualify for athletic scholarships.

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