By: Ziggy Yoediono, MD, MBA

Now that it’s the holidays, it’s time to put away the chemistry flashcards and focus on what really matters: shopping! Whether you’re out battling the crazy crowds or preserving your sanity by doing it online, don’t forget to pick up a little something for your premed friends who have been there with and for you through thick and thin. These gifts will either strengthen your friendships or make your friends question it – either way, you’ll leave a lasting impression!

Bone Pen

Are any of your friends budding Atul Gawandes? If so, make sure that they never suffer from writer’s block by giving them a Bone Pen.

Organ Transport Lunch Cooler

 The OrganTransplant Lunch Cooler is perfect for your aspiring surgeon friend who will be spending the rest of their lives rounding on patients at 4:00 in the morning.

Because they'll all know what the real Gray's Anatomy is all about. Buy it here for $60 on Etsy.
Also an amazing icebreaker for all the holiday parties. Buy it here for $40 from Uncommon Goods.

Every group of friends has a fashionista or two. If it’s a gal, tell her that Louis Vuitton bags are so yesterday and that the new ‘It Bag’ is the Gray’sAnatomy Book Purse. And if it’s a guy, nothing says, “GQ” like an EyeChart Tie. (It also works for friends who are aspiring ophthalmologists.)

Buy it here for $16.50 on Amazon.

Hopefully you have at least one premed friend who likes to relieve stress by cooking up a storm. If so, the best way to make sure you’re always on the invite list is to give an X-ray Oven Mitt.

Syringe Highlighters

This is the perfect gift for . . . yourself! During your premed and medical school years, you will go through about 4000 highlighters. Rather than using the same generic-looking ones day in and day out, try Syringe Highlighters. When you think that you don’t have the energy to highlight one more word in your biology textbook, just look at these highlighters for inspiration.

Because they all probably need a high dose of caffeine in the morning. Buy it here for $9.99 from ThinkGeek.

A must-have for ALL premeds. Hopefully, it’s self-explanatory.


Renee Marinelli MD

Renee graduated magna cum laude from California State University San Marcos with a bachelor’s degree in Biology. While attending school, she worked for a neurosurgeon where she led clinical trials. Renee attended the University of California, Irvine School of Medicine where she served on the admissions committee and interviewed many applicants. In medical school, Renee met her future husband, a military scholarship student. After medical school, both Renee and her husband attended family medicine residency in Hawaii where she also served on the residency admissions committee. She has mentored and assisted many students in the medical school admissions process and brings a wealth of experience serving on both medical school and residency admission committees. She is excited to continue to provide guidance to students while spending quality time with her son.

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