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    Weekly Weigh-in: Most “Meaningful” Activities

    Welcome to PDr’s Weekly Weigh-in! Each week, we ask medical students and physicians to weigh in on some of our most frequently asked pre-med questions. This week’s question: What types of extracurricular activities did you pick as your top three most...


    Write About Your Hobbies On The Medical School Application

    A medical school’s atmosphere, its charm, is defined by the energy and passion that the students embody. Students are encouraged to maintain their wellbeing and cultivate a diverse community, and many schools promote cultural celebrations, athletic c...

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    How To Stand Out With Extracurricular Activities

    Your GPA reflects your academic diligence and your MCAT demonstrates your performance on standardized testing. While those are the 1-2 punch that you lead with, “5 Parts of a Competitive Medical School Application” highlighted the importance of extra...

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    Interviewing for Undergraduate Positions

    Medical school interview preparation requires long-term practice and continued improvement. Over time, you will accumulate experiences and draw from them to give thoughtful answers to your interviewers’ questions. Strong extracurricular activit...

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    Private Medical Schools That Offer the Most Financial Aid

    Medical school is not cheap. And with so many medical schools to choose from, one important deciding factor is cost of attendance. With that being said, here are the top 5 private medical schools that offer the most financial aid with an emphasis on ...

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