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    Interviewing for Undergraduate Positions

    Medical school interview preparation requires long-term practice and continued improvement. Over time, you will accumulate experiences and draw from them to give thoughtful answers to your interviewers’ questions. Strong extracurricular activit...

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    What Should You Do On Interview Day?

    What should you do on interview day besides the actually interview? How should you prepare and what kind of questions should you ask? This articles covers all the practical things interviewees should do during the day of their interview. ...

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    Challenges of Minorities Entering Medicine

    “What do you do when you’re the smartest person in your group?” Dr. Forrester Lee, the Director of Multicultural Affairs at the Yale School of Medicine smiled as he posed the thoughtful question. We were a handful of African and Latino American stude...

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    15 Books for Medical School Applicants

    I am frequently asked how to prepare for medical school interviews. As many schools are moving to the multiple mini interview (MMI) format, a lot of interviewing well involves thinking on your feet and efficiently articulating your perspective. One o...

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    Why Grades Matter in the Medical School Application

    I’ve touched on this in a past article, but I feel that it’s a subject that deserves more consideration. To start, the road to medicine is often associated with some emotional passion for becoming a doctor. This is an important feeling to understand,...

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