• The Formula For A Good Personal Statement

    The Formula For A Good Personal Statement

    Interestingly, many medical school applicants unknowingly will follow a common “formula” for their personal statement. This article describes each part of that formula in depth. Learn about the formula for a good personal statement…and why you ...

  • derm

    Dermatology – Maria Aleshin MD

    10 Questions for a Doctor is a ProspectiveDoctor initiated interview series of physicians of various specialties. The goal of 10 questions is to gain learn more about different physicians, their specialties, and their reasons for going into medicine....

  • Chesapeakelandsat

    Top 10 Out-of-State Friendly Public Medical Schools

    Are you wondering which public schools are friendly to out of state students? Here are the most out-of-state friendly public medical schools in the US. 1. University of Vermont College of Medicine Roughly 90% of the students they interview are not fr...

  • file0001205588090

    Top 5 Tips for Excelling During 3rd Year of Medical School

    As much as I would like to be able to tell you that the only advice you need to ace your core clerkships is my advice, truthfully, the third year of medical school is probably one of the least standardized experiences across the nation.  While this i...

  • How to Write a Cold Email As a Premed

    How to Write a Cold Email As a Premed

    You are interested in shadowing a doctor but you do not know where to start. You do not know how to write a cold email as a premed. How do you contact them? What do you say? What is the proper etiquette? Here are some tips and examples you should fol...

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