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    A Future Doctor’s Greatest Struggle

    As a freshman in college, I thought about all the requirements it would take to go to medical school and, honestly, I was completely overwhelmed. I couldn’t fathom how I could achieve a high GPA and MCAT while balancing a bunch of extracurricular act...

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  • Greek Life 1

    4 Ways Greek Life Can Help Your Medical School Application

    By Evan Laveman Over the past few years I’ve noticed a tendency for medical school applicants to downplay their fraternity or sorority involvement when submitting their applications. It seems the stigma of Greek life has driven some people away from ...

  • Thinking Statue 2

    Brainstorming Your Personal Statement for Medical School

    It is intensely difficult to write a personal statement, and perhaps the most difficult part is starting. What a daunting task to explain the answer to “Why I want to be a doctor”. Given the overwhelming nature of this question, many applicants make ...

  • How I Studied

    Study Tips For School, Turn Off the Wi-Fi

    Earlier, one of our writers elaborated on his study methods in medical school. Since the learning process is unique to each student, I thought it’d be fitting for me to describe a few conclusions I’ve drawn about my own study methods in m...

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