• How I Studied In College Part 1

    How I Studied in College Part 1

    GPA is probably the most difficult component of your medical school application to change. Although you can take the MCAT more than once and take time off to engage in more extracurricular activities, raising GPA can sometimes be downright impossible...

  • Clemson 00062

    The Value of Being Curious

    It was always funny to hear other pre-meds talk about the application process as if they were already in or as if they knew what each admission committee was thinking. I would hear from others “You have to find your passion, you have to do this and t...

  • city-clouds-river-2685

    Secret Tips for Medical School Interview Success

    Whatever type of health-care practitioner you want to become, it is extremely important that you know how to perfect that dreaded medical school interview. For medical schools and the like, interviews are only granted to students who are strong candi...

  • Off Target

    MMI Pitfalls

    The Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) is becoming increasingly popular in medical school admissions. Here are tips to avoid MMI pitfalls this interview season! ...

  • hands

    Truth and Compassion in Medicine

    You are standing naked in front of an auditorium of people wondering how you got there – you jolt awake, sweating, breathing hard – so relieved. But what if you did not wake up. What if you found yourself in front of 100 medical students, belly expos...

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