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    How To Crush the USMLE Using E-Learning Resources

    The USMLE is a reality for every other person aspiring to practice medicine in the US. It aims to assess the knowledge of medical students and graduates thoroughly. “How to crush the USMLE” has always been a burning question in the field of medicine....

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    Shadowing Abroad With the Atlantis Project

    Maybe you saw an ad on social media, passed a poster in the hall at your university or heard of another student participating this summer. Shadowing abroad with The Atlantis Project. What is it? Why would pre-med students be interested? How would you...

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    10 Ways of Staying Motivated During Your Medical Education

    Medicine has evolved drastically and has produced immense progress in terms of patient care and medical equipment. These advancements are nothing without the contribution of well-trained and sound doctors who have mastered multiple domains of the hum...

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    How to Jump Start Your Medical Career This Summer – HMX Fundamentals

    By Michael Parker Michael Parker, MD, is Associate Dean for Online Learning, Faculty Director of HMX Fundamentals, and Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School Summer vacation may be just a few weeks away, but that doesn’t mean you s...

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    5 Alternatives to Medical School

    Going to medical school and becoming a doctor is a glorified and great career path. Nevertheless, it is not the career for everyone. Perhaps you are at a point where your passions and goals changed or you simply had a change of heart about going to m...

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