• Thanksgiving

    22 Things Medical Students Are Thankful For

    Happy Thanksgiving! Let’s take a moment as medical students to appreciate the little (and big!) things that make us grateful this Thanksgiving. The white coat Scrub pants that fit Good study playlists Podcasting at 1.7x speed Pass/Fail grading ...

  • Letters

    Letters of Recommendation for Medical School

    What is the value of a letter of recommendation?  Let’s face it – anybody can write a personal statement. Because what more do people love than to talk about themselves? Just give them the prompt and a word count and they can fill pages. Anybody can ...

  • spectacles

    A Parent’s Perspective

    Dr. Jack Singer shares a parent’s perspective on his daughter’s medical school application process, which was not successful until the third attempt. His daughter, Emily Singer, is a member of ProspectiveDoctor’s core team and a fre...

  • books

    15 Books for Medical School Applicants

    I am frequently asked how to prepare for medical school interviews. As many schools are moving to the multiple mini interview (MMI) format, a lot of interviewing well involves thinking on your feet and efficiently articulating your perspective. One o...

  • Premeds - Life Can Actually Be Beautiful Right Now

    Premeds – Life Can Actually Be Beautiful Right Now

    Life as a premed back in college was not so bad. I would start off my day with coffee, go to class in the morning, attend either a seminar or a premed workshop after, fight sleep in my afternoon classes, run to my research laboratory to run some more...

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