• Magnifying Glass

    Tips from a Medical School Admissions Officer

    A student admissions officer from a prominent NE medical school helps elucidate the admissions process at his school. Process Overview At this particular school, members of the medical school admissions committee screen applications and assign a scor...

  • Humbling

    A Humbling Lesson Learned From Medical School

    I am the dumbest person in the room. As a matter of fact, in the last 12 months, I am the dumbest person in most rooms I enter. And I love it. Chances are that if you have recently been admitted to medical school, or are considering applying to medic...

  • hands-compassion

    The Healing Power of Touch

    From the time we are babies, we long for the touch of our mother or father. As children grow, they usually put their arms up and want to be embraced or held. I even notice that my 5-month-old daughter is beginning to reach out to grab my face, my nos...

  • file2231286029038

    5 Things I Wish I Knew First Year of Medical School

    As a first year medical student, I was wide-eyed and somewhat clueless. I did not know what to really expect, but I felt as ready as I would ever be. Looking back, there are definitely some things I would tell/warn past-self. Everyone’s first year me...

  • business

    Why Get An MBA During Medical School?

    By Shane Burke I am more than half way through a combined MD/MBA program.  Because I frequently get emails from prospective students asking me about our program, I thought I would share some general advice for students considering a combined MD/MBA p...

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