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    Should I Prewrite Secondary Applications?

    Once a primary application is submitted, there is generally some time before that AMCAS application is verified and sent out to your list of schools. Depending on when you submit your primary application, the waiting time can vary anywhere between 2 ...

  • Magnifying Glass

    Tips from a Medical School Admissions Officer

    A student admissions officer from a prominent Northeast medical school helps elucidate the entire admissions process at his school, from application screening and interviews to selection. He discusses what he is looking for in applicants, and provide...

  • rain glass

    Self Disclosure in Medicine

    During the first week of second year we were surprised to learn that our first patient interaction would be in the form of a timed practical test. We were recorded taking a teenage patient’s history and performing a physical to clear him to play high...

  • Women Interviews

    What To Wear To Med School Interviews: Women

    They say you never truly get a second chance at a first impression, and the typical medical school interview, being 30-45 minutes long, is no different. A large part of making a good first impression is dressing professionally for the interview. Whil...

  • How do I decide what medical school to apply to?

    How Do I Decide What Medical Schools To Apply To?

     “How do I decide what medical schools to apply to?” It’s an important question. Applying to the right schools can be the deciding factor for whether or not you get accepted into any school at all. You need to balance need and want. You simply need o...

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