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Podcast 45: Why Do You Want to Attend Our Medical School?

Today, Dr. Ziggy Yoediono discusses how to answer a very commonly asked question that applicants encounter on both secondary applications and in interviews; why do you want to attend our medical school? Surprisingly, most applicants do a mediocre job at best when answering this query.

[0:55] I want to attend your medical school because…

Most applicants will start their answer with “I want to attend your medical school because…” and follow it with three to six positive things about the medical school. Often listing things about the environment, curriculum, or mission statement.

What applicants do not realize is they have only answered about one-third of the question. Applicants think the question is asking “what is so great about this medical school?”

So, applicants end up telling the interviewers facts that they already know about the school! Also, students often answer the question by listing things that are generic about most medical schools.

[2:00] Instead, you should be doing an infomercial about yourself.

The question is asking “what specifically about our medical school will enable you to advance or achieve your goals?”

[3:25] Search the medical school on Google News.

Dr. Yoediono suggests googling the school to retrieve the latest and most current news on what is happening there. It would be embarrassing to not know about some significant initiative that is happening on campus.

[4:00] Dr. Yoediono gives a sample response to the question.

First, cite the unique strength of the school. Second, prove you are interested in the strength by citing a relevant college experience. Third, state how you would take advantage of the strength to advance your prior meaningful experience.

Even though the question seems to be about medical school, most of your response needs to be about you. For those of you wanting expertise and advice, please visit us at


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