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University of Illinois College of Medicine Secondary Questions

Here are University of Illinois College of Medicine’s secondary questions.

Secondary Essay Editing


1. Describe a stressful situation that you have experienced. Please detail your reaction, how you managed the situation, and what you learned that will help you handle a similar circumstance in the future.

2. In addition to training as a competent physician please select up to two additional areas of interest from the items below that you may want to pursue during your medical studies. Your responses will have no bearing on applications to joint degrees or special programs to which you might also apply.

  • Simulation
  • Clinical Research
  • Basic science research
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Healthcare disparities
  • Academic medicine
  • Global Health
  • Community Health Urban
  • Community Health Rural
  • Innovation Medicine

3. Have you applied for admission to medical school previously?

4. Have you ever matriculated into and not completed a professional/graduate program?

5. Please describe any abrupt changes that you experienced in your preparation for application for medical school due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Also note that if you are interested in any of the scholarly concentrations, there are additional essays that are program specific.


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