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Teaching and Learning in Academic Medicine with Jack Ende MD

Chase DiMarco talks with Dr. Jack Ende, Professor of Medicine at Perelman Medical School at the University of Pennsylvania. Jack was previously the President of the American College of Physicians and Series Editor of the seven-volume ‘Teaching Medicine’. He joins us today to discuss the theory and practice of teaching academic medicine, along with how students and preceptors can improve clinical interactions.

Jack always had a fascination and appreciation for his teachers and their process. Once he started on his medical education path, he found the opportunity to work in teams and the informal teaching style that medical education afforded more enjoyable than other, more rigid types of education.

The greatest takeaway from his own mentors has been the importance of having an organized vision for your teaching goals. This helps you to stay focused. Jack continues by discussing the various struggles students face coming into a clinical setting. The transition is abrupt and structure unclear, so it can be hard to know what is expected of you. Students should understand that the focus should be on the patient.

Speaking further about his organized vision approach, Jack explains that it acknowledges the impromptu nature of medical education, but should still retain an overarching structure. The goal should be to empower students and the focus should be on the process, not the product.

There are challenges to clinical teaching. The content can often be broad, students are at different learning levels and the environment is often distracting. Jack believes the emphasis should be on bedside diagnosis and physical exams. Students should be engaged and involved, so forge both intellectual and human connections with your students. There are no shortcuts or easy answers, but nothing takes precedent over patient care.

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Chase DiMarco

Chase DiMarco is an MS, MBA-HA and MD/Ph.D-candidate. He is the founder of MedEd University, a free medical education resource, the host of the Medical Mnemonist & Rounds to Residency podcasts creator of several medical education platforms, and CEO of FindARotation clinical rotations service.

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