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Should I Delete My Social Media When Applying to Medical School?

Looking to apply to medical school and wondering if you should delete your social media accounts? Before you hit that delete button, read on to discover the pros and cons of social media for premedical students.

Social media is a crucial part of our daily routine, and for premedical students, it can provide numerous benefits such as networking, establishing a professional image, and staying up-to-date with the latest happenings in the medical sector. Nevertheless, it’s imperative for premedical students to be careful with their social media use since it can lead to negative impacts on their academic and professional goals. Here are some reasons why premedical students need to be cautious about their social media activity:

Privacy Concerns: Medical Schools Can See EVERYTHING You Post

Social media platforms are public forums, and anything posted on them can be seen by anyone, including medical schools, potential employers, and patients. Premedical students – it’s important to be aware of your privacy settings and to avoid posting anything that could compromise your personal or professional reputation.

Unprofessional Behavior: This One is Obvious

Medical schools and potential employers expect their applicants to demonstrate professionalism and ethical behavior both in person and online. Posting inappropriate or offensive content on social media can have serious consequences on your applications and/or future career prospects.

Misinformation: Not Everything You Read on Social Media is True, Especially When it Comes to Healthcare Information

Social media is a breeding ground for misinformation, and premedical students need to be careful about the sources they trust and the information they share. Sharing false or misleading medical information can be dangerous and harm the credibility of your professional profile.

Time Management: Social Media Can Become Addictive

Social media can be addictive and time-consuming, taking away valuable study and preparation time for the MCAT and other important exams. As a busy premedical student, it’s important to set boundaries for your social media use and prioritize your academic and professional goals.

Mental Health: Social Media Can Really Take a Toll on Your Psychological Well-Being

Social media can have negative effects on mental health, and premedical students should be mindful of their emotional well-being as they navigate the competitive and stressful path to medical school. Comparison and perfectionism are common pitfalls of social media, and it’s important for students to take breaks from social media and prioritize self-care.

So, should you delete your social media before applying to medical school? Or make all your accounts private.

Well, not quite.

Social media is a powerful and potentially beneficial tool for pre-medical students, allowing you to connect with people from all over the world and share your experiences with others. For premedical students applying to medical school, social media can be a valuable tool to enhance your academic and professional profile.

Benefits of Social Media that Premedical Students Should Take Advantage Of


There Are SO Many Opportunities on Social Media, Especially for First Generation Students
Social media provides an opportunity for premedical students to connect with others in the healthcare industry, including doctors, medical students, and healthcare organizations. These connections can help you gain insight into the field, learn about new opportunities, and even find mentors to guide you on your journey to medical school.

Personal Branding

One of the Most Important Parts of the Medical School Application These Days
Social media allows premedical students to showcase their strengths, accomplishments, and interests to potential medical schools. By crafting a professional online presence, you can create a personal brand that highlights your unique qualities and helps you stand out in a competitive applicant pool.

Information Sharing: Social Media Can Help You Stay Up to Date

Social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn are excellent resources for sharing news and information related to the medical field. By following relevant accounts, premedical students can stay up-to-date on the latest research, trends, and developments in the field, which can help them prepare for medical school and stay informed as future healthcare professionals. Plus, who doesn’t love watching fun, informational videos on these platforms? There is so much to learn!

Application Assistance: Social Media Can Do Wonders for Your Medical School App

Many medical schools often use social media to communicate with applicants and provide updates on the application process. By following the social media accounts of their desired medical schools, you can stay informed on important deadlines and requirements, and even connect with current students and alumni to learn more about the school’s culture and community. This is incredibly helpful when you are trying to show a medical school that you are a good “fit” for them.

Community Building: Social Media Can Help Premedical Students Feel Less Alone

Social media provides an opportunity for premedical students to connect with others who share their interests and goals. Joining social media groups or online communities related to healthcare can help students build supportive networks of like-minded individuals who can provide guidance and encouragement as they work towards their medical school aspirations. These groups can also offer advice, share resources, and notify you of various opportunities in the field.

The final verdict?

Social media can be a valuable tool for premedical students as they prepare for medical school. By leveraging the benefits of social media, students can build a professional online presence, connect with others in the healthcare industry, and stay informed on the latest developments in the field. However, as with any online activity, it’s important for you to be mindful of your online behavior and use social media in a responsible and ethical manner.

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Selena Lugosi

Selena is a medical student at UT Health San Antonio Long School of Medicine. As a MedSchoolCoach MCAT tutor, she specializes in teaching STEM students MCAT strategy, planning, and study techniques, tailoring her approach to each student's unique strengths.

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