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Podcast 44: Application Submission Dates

We’re in early May of 2019 and if you’re reading this, you’re probably getting ready to submit your application to medical school. Today, Dr. Renee Marinelli covers the submission times for the three application servers so that everyone is prepared. Each one is different, so keeping track of the dates is extremely important.

[1:17] AMCAS.

AMCAS opened on May 1. That means you can log in, start filling out your application, and have it ready to submit at the end of the month.

The first thing that Dr. Marinelli recommends doing with any server is filling out your biographical, demographic, and school information. Once you’re entered all of your colleges attended information, click the download transcript request form and send them to your school right away. If you’re still waiting on some grades to be released, it’s okay to wait a little while before doing this.

You can submit to AMCAS for the first time on May 30, and you should submit your application as close to this date as possible.

[4:39] AACOMAS.

This one opens for completion on May 2, and you can submit your application on this day too. However, AACOMAS does not submit applications to medical schools until June 15. You can see that there’s not a huge rush, so Dr. Marinelli recommends submitting your application to AACOMAS in the second half of May.

[6:03] TMDSAS.

TMDSAS opens for both completion and submission on May 1. You should try to apply as close as possible to this date. However, in one study, about 90% of all interviews were given to applicants who submitted theirs by July 31. About 30% submitted theirs in May. Therefore, it’s okay to submit a few weeks later than May 1.



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