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University of Texas Rio Grande Valley School of Medicine Secondary

2016 – 2017

1. List three adjectives that characterize the community you grew up in:

2. Briefly describe the community you anticipate practicing medicine in post-residency: 100 words

3. In the event you are accepted to two or more medical schools, what factors would be most important in determining which school would be the “best fit” for you: 150 words

4. The UTRGV SOM educates future physicians with the following values in mind:
Patient Advocacy; Community-Focus; Cultural Awareness; Collaborative Leadership Style; Lifelong Problem Solving. Choose TWO (2) of these values and explain their importance to you, as well as how they integrate with each other. Finish by indicating how this integration will impact your medical school education: 300 words

PART 1: Required
PART 2: Select 2 out of the 4*

briefly describe the experience
state the circumstances of the experience (why you participated)
what you learned about yourself through that experience
*Experiences may be used more than once to address each category. Limit your answers to the space provided.

Part 1

A situation in which you interacted with individuals who were different from you: 150 words

Part 2 (select 2 out of 4)
A community service experience: 150 words
An employment experience: 150 words
A position of responsibility/authority in which others depended on you for direction: 150 words

A creative endeavor (anything that required you to be creative in your approach, such as fine arts, computer programming, web design, writing, etc.): 150 words