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5 Tips for Medical School Interview Day

Five tips and tricks for the medical school interview day that will make you a more comfortable and confident applicant. Stay with a student host Many medical schools offer a student host program that pairs you up with a current student to stay with the night before. Medical students at each school are the most valuable resources – financially and ...

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What To Wear To Med School Interviews: Men

When approaching the medical school interview, it is important to convey a conservative and well-groomed image. Interview attire is a large part of the impressions you make on those you meet on the interview day. ||Read: “What to Wear to Medical School Interviews: Women”|| A male applicant has less flexibility in choosing his interview attire than his female counterpart. It is ...

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Breaking Bad News

During a medical school interview, particularly in a multiple-mini-interview (MMI) format, you might be asked how you would go about breaking bad news to a patient. While this task might seem unfair to ask of a candidate medical student, it is no less daunting for me – now a second-year student, and in fact, for practicing physicians. This week, NPR ...

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The Multiple Mini Interview–What To Know

The Multiple Mini Interview - What To Know

Introduction The Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) was originally developed by researchers at McMaster University, a Canadian medical school, in 2002. Since then, a growing number of medical schools, including a handful of U.S. schools, have adopted the MMI as their primary interviewing method. Most of these schools have dropped the traditional interview process in favor of the MMI. The traditional ...

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