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Chemistry book and glassware
Chemistry book and glassware

5 Alternatives to Medical School

Going to medical school and becoming a doctor is a glorified and great career path. Nevertheless, it is not the career for everyone. Perhaps you are at a point where your passions and goals changed or you simply had a change of heart about going to medical school. At this point, you have to decide on an alternative and we have the top 5 alternatives to medical school.

  1. Health Insurance

If you are more business minded, you might want to consider this booming venture. Health insurance has accelerated in the past few years and becoming involved in an evolving industry can become a sustainable career. The requirements for becoming a health insurance agent differ from country to country and state to state. You will need to do some research and find out which courses to take and what experience to gain to join this industry.

  1. Medical Research

If you want to be a senior medical researcher, you might need to complete your PhD if you want to work independently. The alternative is to be a junior medical researcher, which will still give you a good amount of experience and can become a lucrative career choice. You do not need a medical background, although it does help. A scientific background will serve you better, as this job involves a huge amount of scientific research.

  1. Physician Assistant

To gain entrée into a physician assistant program, you need to have a bachelor’s degree and some experience in the medical field. After this, you can start looking at a physician assistant personal statement example to complete your application. PA personal statement tips are crucial because in this field, it is important to win the committee over. There are many students opting for this route.

  1. Teaching

There is a demand for teachers and professors all over the world. You can use your science to help students by offering your services. If you are not certified, there are 2 year programs you can apply for to help you become a teacher for all the right reasons. There are countries in need of good education and it will surely make you feel like you are doing good if you could be a part of something that can change someone’s life. Teaching is as much rewarding to the teacher as it is for the student.

  1. Pharmacist

There are many options available to you after completing your PharmD. You can opt for retail pharmacy, clinical pharmacy and even something as intense as nuclear pharmacy. A pharmacist job is usually less stressful than that of a medical doctor, because their focus is medicine and not an emergency issue. On the flip side, pharmacists have to pay exceptional attention to detail ad prescribing incorrect medication could result in suspension. If you are particular in your work and naturally an organized person, this might be a great career path for you.


As you can see, there are many options available outside of medical school. Not everyone wants to be a doctor, but perhaps you have a passion for science and healthcare. Do not limit yourself to what the medical field has to offer. Sometimes you have to do a bit more research and dig a little deeper until you find the perfect fit. Once you have a career path in mind, find out what the requirements are and build towards that with time. There is no race here so do as much as you can, but always take small steps towards your end goal. Before you know it, you will be a qualified professional.

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