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Unlocking the Opportunities and Challenges of Medical Research

Dr. Erkeda DeRouen is joined by Dr. Jia Ng. She is a board-certified nephrologist and epidemiologist and today, she talks about the world of research for medical students. Dr. Jia describes the opportunities and procedures she encountered from doing research, as well as the conditions they need to be in for them to thrive in the field.

[00:28] Introduction of Dr. Jia Ng

[01:35] Transitioning and Opportunities in Research

[03:18] Recommendation for Research Pursual

[06:41] Importance of Research in Residency

[11:51] Dr. Jia: Why the US over Australia?

[15:47] How to Get Involved in Research


Dr. Jia mentions that Research is more complex than students and experts should perceive. According to her, research is a field that not only takes on the basic know-hows of medicine, but also the data driving the knowledge that caters to how medicine works along the evolution of society. Research allows the industry to adapt new knowledge for medical practitioners to not only develop new medicines, but also the overall medical healthcare system application. These applications include the in and outflow of patient care from medications to consultations and prescriptions. For students who are interested to take up research, it’s important to note that they will be tasked on training with groups and mentors, working on large amounts of data that can be published in order to help a certain medical field in terms of innovative solutions to customer-friendly applications.

Paving Your Own Path

Medical students will have the opportunity to pave their own path in the field of research. The field may seem simple, but the avenue students take to be where they want to be may be more complex than they think. The key to having control over the path you want in the field of research is working around the knowledge that you are familiar with. Familiarity comes in the form of how well you know the healthcare system within a certain area and region or the connections you have with that set location as well. While it’s important not to look at it as a race, getting where you need to be in the industry takes time, and that is inevitable.

You can connect more with Dr. Ng through her website and YouTube channel.

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