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Podcast 73: BS/MD Interview Day

In this episode, Yash and Shree are back and continuing on with their BSMD discussion. Their last episode focused on interview preparation, so today they get into the interview day itself. They talk about what to expect, how to carry yourself, and how to get through it.

[2:27] Professionalism.

You must buy a suit or another professional outfit. Shree says that this will help you get into the mindset of acting like you are a few years older than you are. The committee knows that you’re a high schooler, but you need to be professional when interacting with other medical students. Yash believes that they are looking for students who are mature beyond their years. Arriving early is also professional and gives you time to collect your thoughts.

[7:37] What a typical interview looks like.

It’s important to remember that the interviewer knows nothing about you at first. They’ll likely start by asking you to tell them about yourself, and Shree says you should prepare a short intro to answer this. Having something to talk about besides medicine is also helpful, and so is knowing what story to tell at what time.

[14:25] Technical knowledge.

Shree was asked a lot of questions about his research methods and results. The committee wanted to see that he took a very involved part in his research and that he understood the process. Yash says that you should be able to talk about your research quite naturally. Additionally, it’s good to stay on top of current events in the medical field.

Do not underestimate the significance of interacting with other medical students. You will be given time throughout the day to do this. Yash is pretty sure that a big reason why he got into his program was a positive interaction here. His faculty interview didn’t go great, so remember that you can overcome mistakes.

[23:29] After the interview.

Asking the program director or interviewer for their email address when the interview is finished is a great way to stick in their mind. It goes a long way if you can send them a personalized thank you message. The personalization aspect is key. You can do this with upperclassmen you talk to as well.

Shree: [email protected]
Yash: [email protected]

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