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University of Kentucky College of Medicine Secondary Questions

Here are University of Kentucky College of Medicine’s secondary questions.

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  1. Why have you chosen to apply to the University of Kentucky College of Medicine? (1500 characters)
  2. Please elaborate on personal characteristics and any accomplishments and experiences that you feel help to demonstrate your potential to contribute to the college and to the profession of medicine. (1500 characters)
  3. If you are a non Kentucky resident, you are required to elaborate on your Kentucky ties if applicable (personal, familial e.g.) (optional)
  4. What competencies and qualities do you feel a physician should possess? (1500 characters)
  5. Describe a personal activity involving advocacy, social justice, and/or civic engagement that has impacted your personal values about delivering equitable patient care. (2000 characters)
  6. Describe an experience or situation which made you feel grateful? (1500 characters)
  7. In providing patient care, should physicians maintain emotional distance or empathize with patients’ emotional state? (1500 characters)
  8. It is impossible to have predicted the drastic impact caused by the novel coronavirus identified as COVID-19. Describe the impact you have witnessed of this pandemic on those around you. (1500 characters)
  9. Please share unique, personally important, and/or challenging facts in your background, such as the quality of your early educational environment, socioeconomic status, culture, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, or life/work experiences. Please discuss how such factors have influenced your goals and preparation for a career in medicine. (2500 characters)
  10. Describe a situation where you were not in the majority. (1500 characters)


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