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University of Hawaii John A. Burns School of Medicine Secondary Questions

Here are University of Hawaii John A. Burns School of Medicine’s secondary questions.

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1.) Describe a personal experience that has demonstrated your resilience. What did you learn from that experience that may help you manage similar situations in the future? (600 words)

2.) Please select ONE of the three questions below: (600 words)

A. Discuss a time you tried to right a perceived wrong, felt moved to speak up for someone, or took a stand against a situation you felt was unjust.

B. Describe a situation that demonstrates that you are a person of integrity.

C. Describe a challenging situation in which you did not agree with a directive/rule and how you handled this.

3.) Describe any personal connection to JABSOM and/or Hawaii and the Pacific that you may have. If you do not have a personal connection to JABSOM and/or Hawaii, please describe your interest in attending JABSOM. (600 word limit)

4.) If you are a re-applicant to JABSOM, please complete the following additional essay. Describe what efforts you have made to further improve your application to the MD Program. (600 word limit)

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