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Podcast 52: How To Get Ahead in the Application Process

Dr. David Flick, Master Advisor at MedSchoolCoach, is here to talk about getting ahead in the application process. If you’re planning to apply in 2020, it’s imperative that you take steps now to be as prepared as possible.

[0:49] Why you need to prepare a year early.

Applying to medical school isn’t just filling out a form and sending it in. It’s much more complicated. You don’t want to feel rushed during such an important process. Knowing what you’re getting yourself into is a key to success.

[1:42] Step one.

Dr. Flick recommends writing out your work and activities section first. This way, you can get everything out about these topics before writing your personal statement. You don’t want your personal statement to be a repeat of all your activities.

[2:30] Step two.

Start writing your personal statement now. A lot of applicants underestimate how much time, creativity, and effort this takes. Crafting a great one takes weeks to months.

[4:08] Step three.

Start studying for the MCAT now. Start chipping away at it little by little. You don’t have to be studying for several hours each day; start with a chapter each day or even just a few pages.

[5:01] Step four.

Start thinking about who you want to write your letters of recommendation. Build relationships with people outside of your faculty, too. Consider using a third-party system to stay organized.

[6:06] Conclusion.

The application system opens every year in May. Take it from Dr. Flick: this process is very stressful, and you don’t want to be scrambling next spring to get everything done.



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