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Podcast 49: Non-Traditional Applicants

Spencer Evans joins Renee Marinelli today. He was an MCAT tutoring student with MedSchoolCoach and recently got accepted into medical school at the University of Colorado. Spencer is a non-traditional applicant, so his story is especially useful for other non-traditional applicants.

[1:03] Spencer’s path from undergrad to medicine.

Both of Spencer’s parents were doctors, so he always thought he would be one too. However, his parents encouraged him to pursue his interest in film and he ended up majoring in film and screenwriting.

When he was a junior, Spencer began experiencing some troubles at home. His parents got divorced and he was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. He realized that he wanted to help people in similar situations, so he enrolled in a science class and was hooked from there.

[5:35] Using a filmmaking background as a physician.

Spencer anticipates that his screenwriting will be enhanced by being exposed to incredible stories and helping his patients. He feels that this is a great way to get inspiration. Spencer also believes that having this creative outlet will help him avoid burnout.

[7:14] What Spencer is doing this summer before starting medical school.

Upon acceptance, Spencer quit his job at Boston Children’s Hospital to take advantage of his last opportunity to experience true, uninterrupted freedom before med school. He went backpacking for two months already this year and is soon leaving for another five weeks of backpacking. He recommends prospective medical school students take advantage of this time and get some travel in.

[8:41] Advice for applicants with dual interests.

Continue pursuing your passions because you never know how they’re going to help you. Spencer found that in his interviews, people were even more interested in hearing about his screenplay than his research.



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