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Podcast 55: Specialty Spotlight – Dermatology

In this episode, Dr. Renee Marinelli is joined by Dr. Steven Eilers. He has been with MedSchoolCoach for several years and is here today to talk about his specialty: dermatology.

[0:58] Why Dr. Eilers chose dermatology.

Dr. Eilers tends to be a very visual person, always having enjoyed looking at things and discerning them. Because of this, he feels naturally drawn toward dermatology. It’s a visually diagnostic field, making it unique and fascinating.

[2:48] A day in the life of a dermatologist.

A general dermatologist deals with rashes, lesions, excisions, laser-based treatments, and more. The average workweek is four days long with ten-hour days, seeing patients roughly every ten or fifteen minutes. You never know what type of patient you’re going to get; some can be dealt with very quickly, while some require more in-depth testing.

There are also dermatologists who focus on Mohs surgery. There’s a growing demand for skin cancer removal and surgeries. Dermatology has something for everyone, whether you’re medically or procedurally focused.

[8:25] The paths to dermatology.

Even if you have a field in mind, always keep an open mind. If you think you have an interest in dermatology, meet with your dermatology department and get to know some people there.

It’s a very competitive field to match into. You will need to score well in step one. In clinical rotations, you definitely need to avoid passes.

[11:41] Residency in dermatology.

After a one-year intern or transitional year, there’s a three-year dermatology residency. It typically includes various rotations in different types of dermatology. After these three years, there is typically a one-year fellowship.

[14:48] Tips for anyone considering dermatology.

Don’t be scared if you may not have the traditional numbers needed to get into the field. If you can develop a mentor relationship, that can go a very long way. It’s a difficult journey, but it’s well worth it.

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