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Morehouse School of Medicine Secondary Questions

Here are Morehouse School of Medicine’s secondary questions.

Secondary Essay Editing


1. What percent of your professional time do you anticipate devoting to: 1. Administration 2. Teaching 3. Patient Care 4. Research (999 characters)

2. Briefly explain the reasons for your selections in the Perceptions of Your Medical Career Section. (999 characters)
– This prompt is based on your answer to this question: Identify the one type of medical career listed below to which you may wish to devote the majority of your professional efforts: Primary Care, Other Specialty Care, Research/Teaching, Undecided

3. Type a brief statement setting forth the key motivational factors in your decision to apply to Morehouse School of Medicine and any information about yourself you feel would be of interest to the Committee of Admissions in the consideration of your application. (9999 characters)

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