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MCAT Mnemonics: Strong Acids

Ken Tao is the MedSchoolCoach expert on MCAT, and teaches a word trick to help you remember strong acids. Discover what “So I brought no clean clothes” stands for.

Full Transcription

Welcome back to another MCAT Mnemonic Monday. I’m Ken and I’m an MCAT expert with MedSchoolCoach. Today, we have another general chemistry mnemonic for you. It’s on the strong acids.

For the MCAT, you should know that strong acids are acids that dissociate completely in solution. There are six of them that you have to have memorized for the MCAT.

They are H2SO4 (or sulfuric acid), HI (hydrologic acid), HBr (hydrobromic acid), HNO3 (nitric acid), HCl (hydrochloric acid) and HClO4 (perchloric acid).

The mnemonic that I can use to help you memorize these six strong acids is: So I Brought No Clean Clothes.

You have SO for sulfuric acid.

I for HI.

Brought for HBr.

No for nitric acid.

Clean for HCl.

And Clothes for perchloric acid acid.

Ken Tao

Ken is nationally recognized as a premier MCAT mind. He has worked with thousands of undergraduate students as a graduate teaching assistant and MCAT instructor/tutor for the Princeton Review. At Princeton Review, Ken was the only tutor certified in all subjects, was one of the highest rated MCAT tutors ever and was a teacher trainer. Additionally, Ken worked to found Magoosh's MCAT division. He has written content for dozen's of MCAT books and guides. He is now the Director of MCAT at MedSchoolCoach

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