MCAT Mnemonics

MCAT Mnemonics: Metric Prefixes

Ken Tao is the MedSchoolCoach expert on MCAT, and will discuss metric prefixes, explaining how terribly gigantic monsters killed 1 million men napping peacefully can help you remember Tera, Giga, Mega, Kilo, Milli, Micro, Nano and Pico.

Ken Tao

Ken is nationally recognized as a premier MCAT mind. He has worked with thousands of undergraduate students as a graduate teaching assistant and MCAT instructor/tutor for the Princeton Review. At Princeton Review, Ken was the only tutor certified in all subjects, was one of the highest rated MCAT tutors ever and was a teacher trainer. Additionally, Ken worked to found Magoosh's MCAT division. He has written content for dozen's of MCAT books and guides. He is now the Director of MCAT at MedSchoolCoach

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