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MCAT Flashcards: Monocistronic mRNA

What is Monocistronic mRNA? Ken Tao is an MCAT expert and explains that it is mRNA that codes for one protein product. Monocistronic transcripts are found in eukaryotes.

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In this flash card video, we’re going to discuss “What is Monocistronic mRNA?”

Monocistronic mRNA is mRNA that codes for a single protein product. Generally eukaryotes have Monocistronic mRNA. Monocistronic mRNA gives eukaryotes a lot of flexibility in being able to express different genes in different cells. For example you can have one cell and a multicellular organism express proteins A and B, and another cell expressing proteins A and C, and another so expressing proteins B and C.

This is because each of these proteins A, B, and C are produced by different mRNA molecules that can each be regulated independently.

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