MCAT Basics Podcast

MCAT Basics: Classic Psychology Experiments

This podcast covers the classic psychology experiments to know for the MCAT.
I discuss in detail the following experiments:
* Pavlov’s Dog- 2:00
* Harlow Monkey Study- 6:55
* Albert’s Bobo Doll Experiment- 11:15
* Skinner Box Experiment- 14:45
* Asch Conformity (Line) Experiment- 22:30
* Milgram Experiment- 26:30
* Watson’s Little Albert Experiment- 35:05
* Sherif Robbers Cave Study- 38:00
* Seligman Learned Helplessness Dog Study- 42:05
* Rapid Fire Cases (Zimbardo, Kitty Genovese, Phineas Gage )- 45:05

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Thanks for listening!


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