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Innate Immune System

The immune system is split up into two main categories – the adaptive immune system and the innate immune system. 

This episode will cover the intricacies of the innate immune system beginning with an overview of its constituent cells. We will then explore three pivotal elements of the system: anatomical barriers, the general inflammatory response, and the complement system. This will show up in the bio/biochem section of the MCAT.

For additional reading on this topic, you can refer to the NIH’s Innate Immune System paper.

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Jump into the conversation:

[00:00] MCAT Tutoring from MedSchoolCoach

[00:34] Welcome to MCAT Basics

[01:06] Topics covered in this episode

[02:09] The goal of the innate immune system

[04:57] The cells that make up the innate immune system

[11:47] Anatomical barriers to the innate immune system

[19:53] General inflammatory response of the innate immune system

[42:49] Complement system

[45:33] MCAT Advice of the day – take as much time as you need to study for the MCAT

Sam Smith

Sam completed his Bachelors of Science in Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder. Following his graduation, he worked at the National Institutes of Health Vaccine Research Center studying HIV. Meanwhile, with a microphone in his garage, Sam founded the MCAT Basics podcast. The podcast has grown to become the top rated MCAT podcast on iTunes. In addition to podcasting, Sam enjoys the outdoors, sports, and his friends and family.

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