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Gain Valuable Clinical Experience with Advanced eClinical Training

Clinical experience is the cornerstone of a pre-med student’s education and future career. It’s what sets you apart, enhances your skills, and empowers you to make informed decisions about your professional path. But where can you find the right training, experience, and credentials to propel you toward your goals?

Look no further than Advanced eClinical Training (ACT).

The Pathway to Success

ACT understands that the road to a healthcare career is filled with unique challenges and requirements. ACT’s online healthcare training programs are meticulously designed to provide a clear and accelerated pathway for pre-health students.

Here’s what sets ACT apart:

  • Comprehensive Clinical Training: ACT offers all-encompassing clinical training programs that prioritize high-quality and flexible healthcare training. From anatomy and physiology to pharmacology and clinical procedures, their curriculum covers a wide range of topics essential for healthcare professionals.
  • Nationally Accredited Certification: Successful completion of ACT’s programs grants students nationally accredited certifications, recognized by healthcare institutions across the United States. This credential not only enhances your resume but also signifies your dedication to quality patient care.
  • Flexible and self-paced Learning: ACT understands that pre-health students often juggle various commitments. Their flexible online platform allows you to access course materials and study at your own pace, accommodating your schedule and making learning convenient.
  • Simulation-Based Learning: As a student at ACT, you’ll have access to cutting-edge simulation-based learning. This immersive approach allows you to practice critical healthcare procedures in a safe and controlled environment, boosting your confidence and skillset.
  • Interactive Learning: Through personalized support, case studies, simulations, and collaborative activities, students gain the skills and confidence necessary for success in their medical careers.
  • Guaranteed Externship Placement: ACT’s nationwide clinic partner network provides you with the invaluable opportunity for hands-on experience in real healthcare settings. Their commitment to guaranteed externship placement ensures you’ll have the chance to apply your knowledge and skills in a professional context.

The Benefits of Enrolling with ACT:

  1. Time Efficiency: With an accelerated program that combines clinical experience and training, you can fast-track your journey towards a healthcare career without compromising on quality.
  2. Clinical Experience: Hands-on clinical experience is invaluable, providing you with practical skills that healthcare employers seek in candidates. This experience will give you a competitive edge in the job market.
  3. Increased Career Opportunities: ACT’s nationally accredited certifications open doors to diverse healthcare career opportunities. Whether you aspire to be a medical assistant, phlebotomist, or pursue other roles, ACT prepares you for success.
  4. Flexible Learning: Tailor your learning experience to fit your schedule. Study from the comfort of your home, and access course materials whenever and wherever you choose.
  5. Enhanced Applications: Strengthen your graduate school or healthcare job applications with ACT’s hands-on clinical training and certifications.
  6. Lifelong Career Services: Beyond certification, ACT offers lifelong career services, providing you with job search resources, professional development opportunities, and industry insights to advance your career.

Accelerate Your Career in Healthcare with ACT’s Accelerated Online Programs

Are you eager to kickstart your career in healthcare but don’t want to spend years in training? ACT has the perfect solution for you. Our short-term programs offer a quick and efficient path to an exciting entry-level career in healthcare.

In as little as 8 weeks, you can be on your way to a rewarding profession, ready to make a difference in the lives of patients.

Immediate Access to Course Materials

Once you’ve completed your registration, you won’t have to wait to get started. At ACT, we understand the value of time, and that’s why you’ll have immediate access to all course materials.

Online training programs offered by ACT:

  1. Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA)
  2. Certified Patient Care Technician (CPCT)
  3. Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT)
  4. Certified Physical Therapy Technician (CPTT)

Your Path to Valuable Clinical Experiences Begins Here

ACT’s short-term programs offer a streamlined and effective way to start your journey in healthcare. You’ll receive comprehensive training, hands-on experience, and the nationally accredited certifications that employers value.

Take the first step toward a rewarding medical career!

Your patients are waiting for your expertise, and with ACT, you can be ready to make a meaningful impact in just 8 weeks. Enroll today!

Shay Safarzadeh

Shay Safarzadeh, an Iranian-born first-generation entrepreneur, co-founded Advanced eClinical Training (ACT), revolutionizing healthcare education. Her innovative approach condenses lengthy certification programs into 8-12 week courses, facilitating over 4,000 students' seamless transition into clinical roles. Shay's dedication to accessible, quality training significantly impacts healthcare education and career aspirants.

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